Deck Fencing Albany- Standards You Need To Know About

The first step to fence off your deck is to measure the distance between posts. Depending on the size of your deck, you may need to install railings every 12 to 16 inches. You can also measure the distance from the corner of the framing to each corner post. Ensure that each fence extends beyond the ends of the posts. You should follow the manufacturer’s spacing guidelines and the proper standards.

When deciding to install a deck railing, be sure to check local building codes. Decks that are higher than thirty inches require guardrails. You cannot establish a fence instead of a barrier. Additionally, bars must meet the International Residential Code’s standards. In most residential situations, 36-inches is sufficient. However, some local jurisdictions require 42-inch guardrails.

The height of the posts is essential for the integrity of the railing. Posts should be spaced at least four inches apart. To measure this distance, roll a four-inch-wide disk along the fence. If there are gaps, the baby could crawl through them. Therefore, deck fencing needs to be safe for a baby crawling around. You can check for safety by following the above standards.

The balusters must have the capacity to support 50 pounds per square foot of area. Balusters are typically supported by a top and bottom rail. The bottom rail is not more than four inches above the deck surface. Besides child safety, the bottom rail cannot be more than four inches above the deck surface. You should also know the dimensions of the balusters. Local building departments dictate these dimensions.

When building a deck, check with your local building department to ensure you meet all of the necessary standards. 

Depending on the size and location of your deck, you might need a permit from the Department of Buildings. Only licensed professionals should build a deck, but you should also double-check this. Building a deck on a property three feet above the grade, you should use a safety railing at every entrance and exit. You should also check local building codes because these can have more stringent requirements.

Before installing your railing, ensure the rods are positioned four inches apart. This small gap will reduce the chance of injury. Fences will provide stability to your deck and are an excellent option for older adults who may need something to hang on to. For these reasons, you should take the time to learn about the building codes in your area. When you are unsure how to install railings, hire a professional as your consultant.