Deck and Fence Ideas in Twin Cities

To create a cohesive look, consider a combination of both your deck and your fence. The wood details of your deck and fence might differ slightly, but they should match in size, proportion, and horizontal lines. One way to unify your deck and bar is to use the same wood for both materials. If you’d like to use wood on both pieces, you can paint the wood on the fence posts, planter boxes, or uprights. If you’d like to add a garden-like planter to your fence, consider building a matching planter box of the same height as your deck.

Metal deck panels are a stylish option for your fence or deck. These durable, affordable panels can be fabricated with a wood topper or mounted in wooden frames. Smaller metal panels look great as the decorative top of a wood fence. You can even alternate metal and wood panels on your wall. These materials will add interest and beauty to your yard. You can create a stylish combination with the above deck and fence ideas.

Privacy screens and fences provide a level of privacy in the backyard. You can also install privacy screens and fences where you need them most. You can find privacy screens for your deck in many stores and build them yourself. They’re inexpensive and a great way to block your neighbor’s view. And don’t forget about a privacy screen for your deck! If you want to hide the picture, choose tall trees or plant a garden that can provide privacy from the street.

If you want to add privacy to your deck but are worried about the neighbors peeking over the fence, consider using a trellis. These are often a great option if you live in a warm climate. The foliage of these plants will filter the view and block out noise, and you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing your outdoor area! And if you don’t want to hire a landscaping company, you can use a patterned wood trellis to create your privacy screen.