Rooftop Bee Project


The Project

In an urban context the most ignored pieces of real estate are the rooftops of our homes and commercial buildings.  Hives take up little space, have minimal impact to people even as close as 25 feet away, produce a viable crop of honey, and reinforce this city’s green initiatives.

DC Honeybees would like to encourage the development of new colonies on these rooftops. However, with the cost of a basic hive and a starter package of bees costing north of $300 we cannot do it alone.  Here is how you can help:

Start your own hive purchasing one from us. DC Honeybees will get you up and running with a starter package of bees, show you the basic steps of hive maintenance, and assist you in harvesting the honey, the fruits is of your labor.

Sponsor a hive on your roof.  Do you have an accessible flat rooftop?  For a donation that covers the cost of the equipment and a starter package of bees DC Honeybees will manage the complete health and harvest of a hive. 

Donate rooftop space.  Many commercial buildings have significant and unused roof surface that can accommodate multiple hives.  New construction codes encourage “green” operations and a honeybee colony can only raise the profile of a building donating such space.  To the extent the resources of DC Honeybees can support the investment in more hives for these locations we would love the opportunity to speak with you about such a venture.

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Given the natural dearth of competition for resources and the floral diversity of the city, the urban honeybee tends to be more productive and active than her rural counterpart.

Our Rooftop Sponsors:

Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District