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DC Honeybees is a registered non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia.  At DC Honeybees, we are dedicated to the growth of beekeeping and bee colonies in our urban environment.  Our hives are based in the District of Columbia and benefit from the long and diverse growing season here to build strong and productive honeybee colonies. In the United States the honeybee population has been severely reduced due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  Although not completely understood, CCD is suspected to be caused by a variety of parasites and diseases that have become resistant to chemical treatments used by commercial bee growers.  For additional information on CCD, follow this link to a story done by 60 Minutes: lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3sfecXqGjY

DC Honeybees works with boutique bee breeders from around the country that focus upon hardy strains of bees that are naturally resistant to many of the maladies that have historically required chemical treatment.  The hope is that we can help propagate hardy bee colonies using natural methods.

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Educating our city as to the benefits of the honeybee while improving the  local bee population with natural beekeeping methods.

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