5 Common Deck Issues and When to Call the Pros in Tacoma 

A few simple things you can do yourself to maintain your deck are gutters, handrails, and stains. However, if you don’t have a handyman around, it may be necessary to hire the services of a professional. Water will damage your deck if you don’t address the problem quickly. The damage could also affect your deck’s structure if it is too severe.

Using a CAD-based design tool will ensure that you know what your deck is made of. With this software, you can send the plan to builders and professional contractors. You can export the schedule in Microsoft Word or Excel and share it with them. You can even share it with clients and builders. The project will be more detailed and accurate than a hand-drawn one, which means it will be much more accurate.

Improperly installed footings can erode over time. Even concrete floors can crack or shift over time. This can be particularly problematic in older homes, as soil shifting and freeze-thaw cycles can affect the integrity of concrete foundations. Erosion around the posts can also affect the stability of the deck. And if the deck has been sitting on uneven ground for a while, it may have developed cracks.

One of the most common deck issues is termites. Termites can destroy your deck and cause it to become dangerous. Wood posts expand and contract with weather changes, which causes fasteners to loosen. If left untreated, termites can spread to the frame and lead to even more significant issues. If you can’t spot the termites, you should call a professional to repair the problem.

Rotted wood is another common problem. While fresh-cut wood has less moisture than old-growth lumber, it will shrink over time. Leaving gaps wider than 3/16ths of an inch will result in dangerous tripping hazards. In addition to wood rot, excessive moisture will cause the board’s edge to buckle and collapse. If the deck breaks down, a contractor must replace the affected areas.

After the long summer months of entertaining, a deck can look worse for wear. A deck needing maintenance can increase the value of your home by as much as 70 percent. Proper care can prevent the deck from falling victim to water damage, rotting, and fading colors. Additionally, the accumulated moisture can make deck boards weak and posts unstable. So, you should consider hiring a professional for deck repair if it is not a DIY project.

If you are building a deck for the first time, you should plan your project well before heading out to the home improvement store. Prepare a supply list with wiggle room for unexpected costs. Also, check with the construction office in your neighborhood to learn about building codes and restrictions in your area. A good foundation is an essential part of a deck’s construction. Soil that smells like a swamp is not ideal for decking.