How To Protect Your Health When Removing Black Mold

Black mold can have a negative effect on your home and your health and unfortunately, the process of mold removal can make you even more susceptible to the damaging effects mold can have. Here are some precautions you can take during the black mold removal process. Black mold removal can be performed by you or a professional like the one in Grand Rapids Michigan if the case is extremely bad. If you plan on doing the removal yourself there are several things you should consider to protect your health and those around you. Here a some of the most important ones to get your started:

Wear a Respirator & Contain The Area

It is important to seal the area that has been contaminated in. This then protects your family and others from inhaling the toxic spores that may escape during the removal process and also prevent the spreading and multiplying in other areas of the home as well. This is also why a respirator is needed so you do not inhale the spores while removing fungi in the contained area.

Wear Protective Clothing

Wear clothing that will protect all of your body (i.e. none of your skin should be exposed). Wear clothes that you can easily remove and wash or dispose of. Many recommend getting a Tyvek suit to wear as an outer layer of protection, that way you can easily toss it when done. Also recommended is wearing rubber gloves and protective goggles. You do not want any areas exposed in which mold spores can enter your body.

Beware Of Susceptibility

This means that if you are a sufferer of allergies, asthma, or your immune system is weakened for any reason, do not attempt to clean up. If anyone in the home does have these conditions, they should completely leave the premises when black mold removal is happening.

Take Breaks

If you are doing a rather large black mold removal task then give yourself breaks, in which you remove yourself from the contained area and get some fresh air. You are going to have to decontaminate yourself before you leave though, which is why getting a Tyvek suit or two is recommended.

Proper Disposal

For your safety when you have completed the removal, do not just toss contaminated materials in the kitchen or bathroom waste basket. Seal them in a heavy plastic bag, and seal that bag inside of another bag and then dispose of it away from your home.

Use An Air Purifier

When removing black mold from your home, it is recommended that your run a high quality air purifier to help keep yourself protected. Even though you are covered from head to toe and are wearing a dust filter mask or respirator, the air purifier purifies the air reducing the spores that may have escaped into your confined cleaning area during the process. This lessens the risk that any spores can escape and spread to other areas of the building or home.

Contain Contaminated Clothes

Another way you can protect yourself during mold cleaning and removal is to get rid of your contaminated clothes while still in your containment area, then seal in a plastic bag and dispose or wash immediately. If you wait to remove your protective clothing once outside the containment areas, you risk releasing spores that may have attached to your clothes.


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